The marketing world has a step-by-step formula for everything, including life; nature doesn’t do rows or straight lines.

Have you ever seen a creative man or woman at work? Tools all over the place. Many creative people and artists work this way, it isn’t step-by-step, there are some things that are repeated over and over, but each step leads to the next, which isn’t exactly the same each time; the overall framework might be the same, but how we get there is different for each man, or woman.

Logical courses give the impression you have to have all your ducks in a row before getting started. Life isn’t like that. It’s messy; and that’s okay.

For everything there are a thousand micro steps you learn over time. When it comes to making money online, I’ve made sales, and other people make sales without having half of what marketers said i, should have. Marketers teach how to build multi-million dollar businesses, how to make 7-8 figure a year, etc. Direct Marketers get you to write world class copy where fractions of percentages mean the difference between a campaign that makes money and a campaign that fails. We are not there yet, it’s overkill. It’s the same as buying a child his or her first bike and immediately entering them into the Tour De France.

Just because the child has a bike, doesn’t mean he or she has to compete right out the gate. People teach to learn to ride the bike first and then take it where you want to take it. i, would tell you to decide what bike you want first; you may not even want a bike; you might want to start with a nice leisurely walk.

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