As we move through life, we all experience events that leave a significant impact on us. After the death of my partner I had to decide how I wanted to live. I didn’t come to a decision in five minutes, it took time to just be, and think through how I’m going to move through this world with the remaining time I have left.

If you want to add some sort of meaning and be fully satisfied with life and how you’re going to live this life, you’re going to have to be brutally honest with who you are, how you currently live, and how you’ve lived so far. If you’re like me you knew what you wanted to do early on in life, but somehow life manages to get in the way of these great plans, and so you didn’t get around to doing the things you really wanted to do. Most of us have lived by default, unconsciously plodding along from one thing or idea to the next in one way or another.

Now’s the time to ask what do you really want from life? From this day forward, how are you going to live? Do you want more money, more sex, more love, to get married, to be single, start a business, travel the world or all of the above? This is what Unblind is about, to have the courage to see yourself as you are; to stop ignoring and start listening to the one person who can make all that happen and make you happy: YOU. You are allowed to have what you want, simply for no other reason than you exist in this world and you want what you want. If you don’t have the things in your life you think you should have in this moment, the simple reason is because on some level you’ve held yourself back from getting what you want; for whatever the reason or reasons might be.

Start at the beginning of where you are. Forget about all the other people you see out there in the world and on social media who seemingly have it all together and live that great life that you should have. Don’t be fooled by this illusion, this is not the case. Most are unconscious and plugged into the matrix pretending their external lives are amazingly happy, but internally they haven’t woken up to themselves or how they live. You don’t know what you don’t know, they don’t even know what we’re talking about here is even possible. Most people will never stop and think about what they’re doing or where they’re going. Is it scary? Very possibly, but then again that’s why it’s called an adventure, it’s not meant to be ordinary and predictable.

You have started to move down a new path, you’re at the beginning of a new journey of which you are fully conscious of and can decide how you really want to live.