Unblind was originally a book called Passion Is Not Enough, all about marketing, sales, and business; my life of going from having no money to having some money, then my partner passed away and what I was doing didn’t seem relevant at that point in time.

I knew I had to start over again, faced with the question of what do I really want to do in the next part of my life? Was I willing to let go of everything I’ve just built in order to get the life I really want?

I had no idea what I was saying yes to. I moved out of London (Not by choice), leaving my life behind; friends, clients, business associates, contacts, environment, house, financial, everything. Gone. I stood at the grand turning point, the halfway mark in my life, moving spiritually into a more rewarding place experience.

I felt the letting go of the old view of myself as a wounded child and meeting the unknown me, the man as a warrior. This was a new view of my life, an opportunity for spiritual transformation.

To Be Continued…

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